Tanja Nixx Photography



Tanja Nixx, tattoo-artist, Photographer and Co-owner of Tanja Nixx Blue Dragon Tattoo,  embraces  photography, painting, writing and surfing.


Born and raised in Germany, she made an apprenticeship in graphic-design.

   Travels through Central Africa And South East Asia brought her to San Francisco.

   Taking pictures while traveling inspired her to pursue photography.

Painting and her background in Graphic design attracted her to the art of tattooing and over the course of 16 years of tattooing she ended up buying the famous Lyle Tuttle Tattoo-shop

   Using photography as a vehicle for her paintings made her realize that her photography may very well stand on it’s own.

  The journey of her travels is now available on ebook. She is currently working on photography book about tattooed people.

The book about her travels through Africa is available to download for $9.99 at the site below: