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Tanja Nixx Tattoos

_MG_0427Tattoos, Photography, Writing and Painting is what made me feel alive.
I am a german born tattoo-artist. I have been tattooing in San Francisco since 1993. While I am still tattooing strongly, I have  started focusing on Wedding and Event photography.  Having used photography as a vehicle for my painting. I discovered that my photography may very well stand on it’s own. Writing a book about my travel in Africa(Congo Zaire), while learning english has been a long journey and the book is now available Blurb . I also produced an acted in a film called “ Love will Travel”Tattoo-artist at Lyle Tuttle Tattooing in San Francisco 1995-2001

Tattoo-artist and shop-owner at Lyle Tuttle Tattooing 2001-2013 Tattoo-artist and business partner at Tanja Nixx Blue Dragon Tattoo

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